Archaeology Dig Day at White Plains

Ever wanted to see or participate in an archaeological dig on a historic property? Here’s your chance! The Fairfield Foundation will be hosting an archaeology dig day at White Plains in King George County on Wednesday, June 26th from 10 am – 3 pm.

About the Dig Day

A team of staff and interns from the Fairfield Foundation will conduct an archaeological survey to learn more about the people who lived at White Plains throughout its history. This is a unique opportunity to explore some of the history of King George County.

We plan to dig shovel test pits, which are 1 foot diameter holes dug systematically across the landscape. They average in depth around 12 inches, or however deep it takes to get to sterile subsoil. All of the soil removed from the hole is screened through quarter inch wiremesh to adequately recover any artifacts present. By examining the artifacts we find, where we find them, and what we find with them, we can talk about how the landscape was used, who was there, and when.

Join Us

Guests are welcome to watch or you can volunteer to help dig and screen artifacts. If you’d like to help, please let us know ahead of time so that we can plan for sufficient equipment. Please register here to let us know if you’ll be joining us.

Volunteers should dress comfortably with closed toe shoes. We will have some bug spray, sunscreen, and plenty of water to keep everyone hydrated. Plan to bring gloves, a good hat, and any other items you’d like to have for the day. 


We will serve an informal outdoor lunch around 12.30pm. Please register here to let us know if you’ll be joining us.

About the Fairfield Foundation

The Fairfield Foundation’s mission is to promote and involve the public in hands-on archaeology, preservation and education activities within Virginia’s Middle Peninsula and surrounding areas. The Fairfield Foundation is a nonfprofit organization headquartered in Gloucester, Virginia, and has been expanding its public programs, research opportunities and outreach activities since 2000.

About White Plains

Newly appointed to the Virginia Landmarks Register and nominated to the National Register of Historic Places, White Plains is a historic farm located in King George County, Virginia. The property was established by the Thornley Family in the 18th century and was once over 1100 acres. The current house at White Plains, built in 1786 and confirmed through dendrochronological dating, has been preserved by many generations of caring stewards.