Monthly Archives: February 2015

More Snow!

We finally got a real snow storm! 10 beautiful inches of perfect powder. If only I had a sled or skis to take down the front terraced slopes. It makes me wonder who else had the same idea over the past 200+ years. Did young James Madison and Aaron Thornley take to the slopes of White Plains, pulling a few tricks down the front lawn? Did they have crude wooden sleds or something more creative like a barrel? Maybe they had a few whiskeys first – just to warm the blood. Maybe I’m infusing my imagination with too many movies. Or maybe it really happened…

Here are a few pictures from today. Looking at the garden covered in snow, it’s hard to remember that everything will be green and full of life in a couple of short months. Days like this make me forget any frustration about renovating an old house. Being here is a gift.